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Elemica offers an end-to-end digital supply network that
enables process manufacturing enterprises and their trading
partners to digitally transform supply chains. Join the
Elemica network to connect efficiently and securely;
automate your buy, sell, and move transactions; anticipate
demand and reduce risk of uncertainties; and finally
accelerate your digital transformation.

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Onboarding with Elemica enables access to
thousands of network participants. We
connect systems business to business…
however you want.

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Elemica digitizes order-to-cash and procure-
to-pay transactions between trading
partners, enabling real-time, synchronized

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Automated processes create data available
for exception management. We provide a
window across the supply chain that enables
partners to monitor volume and anticipate
forward demand. We mine your network
data for insights into operational

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A digitized supply chain fosters collaboration
among trading partners, holistic decision-
making, agility in operations, and revenue
growth strategies for everyone.

Solutions Suite

We connect systems to automate supply chain transactions and facilitate collaboration among your network of trading partners. Embark on your Digital Transformation by accessing the full suite of Elemica applications in the cloud to integrate processes and create visibility across your supply chain.

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Fast and frictionless on-boarding of network participants at any scale

  • B2B Re-usable Connections
  • Omni-Channel Integrations
  • Enrichment Services and APIs
  • Correlation and Event Management
  • Messaging Dashboard
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Inbound procure-to-pay, manage purchase orders and change orders

  • QuickLink Email P2P
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Delivery Forecast
  • Invoice Compliance
  • Certificate of Analysis
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Outbound order-to-cash, invoice, get paid quick, track inventory levels

  • QuickLink Email OTC
  • Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Delivery Schedule
  • Invoice Compliance
  • Sales Order Management
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Connect to and collaborate with all of your logistics service providers for logistics execution, visibility, site logistics and freight cost management

  • QuickLink Email Logistics
  • Transport Execution
  • Freight Cost Management
  • Terminal and Warehouse Fulfillment
  • Time Slot Management
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Our visibility and analytics solution captures real-time data feeds, predicts and alerts you to problems, and so much more

  • Pulse
  • Trace
  • Risk
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“Maximum value is only possible with the full integration of all relevant business processes between partners—everything from aligning the enterprise with the market, industry and its regions. With Elemica, we all speak one language and pursue one goal: economic gain.”

Heinz-Gunter Lux, Evonik

“In today’s world, supply chains are about collaboration and the digital age––both of which relate to Elemica. It’s all about helping partners understand your business’ processes, and Elemica helps simplify difficult systems at a high level.”

Folkert Tjebbes, Univar

“Elemica makes it easier for me and my company to do business. Connecting with suppliers is a cinch.”

Thomas Ratliff, Akzo Nobel

“In the chemical industry, we need to speak one language to communicate with partners and generate productivity and benefits on both ends; Elemica helps facilitate that. Their creative ideas and support help us be the best company we can be. Situations that seemed difficult before are manageable with Elemica.”

Nicole Sykora, Wacker

“We set out to better manage our categories of spend more effectively and efficiently, while also elevating our supplier relationships on a global scale. Elemica provides the support needed for us to achieve these objectives.”

Kay Schubert, Tarkett


Top 5 Global Tire
& Rubber Company

Removed 12 days of Raw Materials Days Inventory Outstanding (DOI) through real-time visibility, process automation, and inventory optimimization.

Top 5 Global Tire
& Rubber Company

Reduced $30M+ in Raw Material Working Capital through a collaborative Vendor Managed Inventory program.

Top 5 Global
Chemical Producer

Reduced on-site loading operation resources by 15% through optimized appointment scheduling.

Top 5 Specialty
Chemical Manufacturer

Removed 3 Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by implementing proof of delivery – removing dispute resolution.

Top 10 Petrochemical

Reduced Logistics Accessorial Charges by 18% through freight cost collaboration with carriers.

Top 10 Automotive

Saved over $1M in expedited freight charges through supplier network automation – providing visibility into material commitments and shipment execution.

Top 5 AgroScience

Cut invoice processing time by 80% through procure-to-pay automation – eliminating administrative overhead and dirty data.

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