Elemica’s Logistics Management Suite

Key Features

Logistics Management Key Features

  • Authenticated Proof of Delivery (POD)
  • Automated shipment confirmations
  • Support for multi-party shipments
  • Proactive alerts
  • Collaborative appointment scheduling
  • Inventory visibility and synchronization
  • Reporting and analytics for data quality and performance management
  • Mobile and SMS features

Connect to and collaborate with all of your logistics service
providers for logistics execution, visibility, site logistics and
freight cost management.

Leverage an integrated network of carriers, forwarders, terminal
operators and warehouse providers that provide you with digital
shipment data, regardless of region, mode, or capabilities.

  • Transport Execution

    Elemica’s solution automates the request/response process so that you can efficiently create shipment delivery plans. By establishing a digital connection with the carrier, you can also automate shipment status messages, providing valuable visibility data to fuel proactive alerts.
    The Elemica Logistics Management solution offers:

    • Automated shipment acceptance process
    • Shipment visibility from pickup to delivery
    • Proactive alerts
    • Document management
    • Carrier performance analysis
    • IoT integration for real-time updates

    Digital transformation of logistics with Elemica results in reduced time spent on booking and tracking freight. Customer service pays attention to exceptions and the quality of interactions with customers. Having improved visibility reduces inventory and expedited shipments.

  • Time Slot Management

    Eliminate detention charges and site congestion for loading and unloading operations. From the shipper’s and carrier perspective the automated process provides:

    • Collaborative appointment planning
    • Patented scheduling algorithm
    • Resource, location, product constraints
    • Appointment execution management

    The Elemica Time Slot Management application reduces wait times and congestion at sites, smooths site resource workload, and creates more consistent shipment lead times. This results in lower freight costs and operating costs, improved customer service and optimized inventory levels.

  • Freight Cost Management

    Eliminate freight invoice audits & disputes with collaborative cost management. Digitize and automate shipment cost accruals and accept/reject shipment cost requests from carriers or forwarders.
    The Elemica Freight Cost Management solution provides:

    • Accessorial cost negotiation
    • Managed approach to line-item freight costs
    • Automation of freight invoices or self-billing
    • Ensure timely settlement workflow

    With Elemica Freight Cost Management you create a digital record of shipment costs for accruals and can eliminate freight invoices altogether. This results in lower operating costs, more accessorial cost recovery from customers, and timely payment processes, allowing you to negotiate better terms with carriers.

  • Terminal & Warehouse Visibility

    Synchronize shipping and inventory information across your network of 3rd-party service providers. Provide partners with digitization capabilities regardless of their technical environment.
    The Elemica solution provides:

    • Inbound shipment processing
    • Real-time goods issue data
    • Document management
    • Inventory synchronization

    With Elemica Terminal and Warehouse Visibility, receive shipment confirmations digitally. Monitor shipment progress for customer notifications and eliminate expensive ERP terminals at LSPs. Reduce administrative costs by eliminating shipment data delays across your outsourced distribution network.

Key Benefits

Working Capital improvements

  • Automate shipment confirmations to accelerate invoicing
  • Reduce safety stock in shipment lead times
  • Eliminate disputes and negotiate better payment terms

Freight cost reductions

  • Improve discipline on accessorial charges
  • Create a cost record that can be charged to customers, to recover freight charges paid
  • Enable early payment discounts with carriers
  • Reduce wait times and detention charges
  • Cut premium freight, cancellations, returns


Labor costs savings

  • Eliminate manual shipment bookings
  • Reduce time spent tracking shipments
  • Automate carrier performance scorecards
  • Enable self-billing and eliminate freight invoices
  • Optimize loading/unloading operations

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